Lower Owyhee

Rafting the Grand Canyon Of Oregon


5 days


April - May


Class III+ -
Great for everyone.
Minimum age 10


Rafting, Kayaking, Hiking


Boise, ID (BOI)


Boise, ID (Rome, OR Option)

The Lower Owyhee has been compared to Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyon National Parks but in the end it probably defies direct comparisons. The river is a land of hot springs and hoodoos, of towering bluffs and windswept plateaus, of jaw dropping beauty and awe inspiring loneliness. It is extremely remote, bizarrely beautiful, unpredictable, sometimes haunting, very wild, and rarely seen.

Why choose us on the Lower Owyhee?

The river is a classic Momentum style adventure that highlights our guiding experience, expedition roots, and attention to detail and guest comfort. The Owyhee is remote with the kind of challenging logistics that we relish. We truly love showing people this place!

The Owyhee in Travel Oregon Magazine

oregon-travelOur Lower Owyhee trips were featured in Travel Oregon Magazine. 

 The trip features stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, hot springs, and fun, mild rapids. We camp at wonderful sandy beaches, feast on delicious food, sleep under the stars, and spend plenty of time exploring this unique wonderland. The relaxed pace allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience, with time for activities such as birding, beach games, and maybe even building a river sauna.

The side hikes are world-class and for many provide some of the highlights of the trip. We visit places like Pruitt’s Castle, Chalk Basin, Jackson Creek, and Devils Tower. They provide panoramic views of this unique landscape and windows into the ancient history of the river canyon.

This is a wilderness experience enjoyed by a privileged few, a magical place that is perfect for anyone wanting a once in a lifetime trip to a place less traveled.


• The river is a classic Momentum style adventure that highlights our guiding experience, expedition roots, and attention to detail and guest comfort.
• Small Trips, unparalleled personal service, and a greater experience.
• A small company committed to amazing trips & our wild places.
• Safety: All our guides have a minimum 5 years of experience leading trips around the world.
• Excellent meals featuring local and organic produce & products.
• All inclusive: all camping gear included if needed (ultra-comfortable 3” sleeping pads).
• A remote river that highlights our guiding experience, expedition roots, & attention to detail & guest comfort.
• Most importantly - we are friendly, we love what we do, and it shows!

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Recent Testimonials

  • "It was a glorious trip. The scenery was as fantastic as we had anticipated and the weather even cooperated. The tents were easy, the pads cushy, the splash jackets perfect and the food terrific. But the contribution that you guides made to the enjoyment of the trip was immeasurable!"
  • "We are home at last from our trip through Eastern Oregon, and have had a lot of time to reflect on the Owyhee trip. We want you to know that the most outstanding aspect of you three was your professionalism as river guides and as group leaders. From the cold, snowy first day, to the take-out along-side the "gang from Caldwell", you always exhibited the demeanor of people who understand how to deal with difficulty with a successful outcome for all. You were able to blend knowing just- what- needed -to -happen with a smile and some light-hearted banter. We had complete trust in your skills and abilities which built during the experiences of the trip (including pulling me and my hat from the river). On the lighter side, you were awfully nice, interesting, and funny (especially Mike) and tolerated our middle aged/old age conversations and questions without a hint of boredom. Thanks for humoring us. You made us feel like we were a "special group" and in some way unique (which we really weren't). For Jim and me, you pointed out super camp-sites and engaged us in interesting conversations. Each of you gave us a picture of your background that we found very interesting (since our kids are in their late 20's). You also displayed a depth of knowledge about the geographic area, geology, knew the flora, fauna, history, and environmental concerns, which in our case, was a big part of the trip. It was nice to share the experience with people who were even more impressed by it that we were. We learned a lot from each of you. You were more than safe guides, you were also resources for a lot of information. AND you are great cooks. The meals were better than home. The care the company takes with the environment, from the carbon off-sets, to the local/organic food, and then compost/waste handling topped off our experience. We are pretty conscientious at home, and so were impressed as well as pleased that you can run an operation with glamour AND keep the "footprint" somewhat smaller. We appreciated the good equipment too...especially those thick pads. So, did we like the trip? YES. We have some friends that we think might also enjoy it, and can't wait to show them our pictures. Maybe we'll try Clear Creek, or the Klamath next year. Good luck with your summer, and fall plans, and with the whole enterprise. -Caroline "
  • "Been back now in Sweden for over a week I look back at my film clips and pictures of the Lower Owyhee Trip May 15-19th and remember a very rewarding trip. The trip itself was more than I could ask for and also included some surprises (a k a wet clothes and gear). The weather was very cooperative, warm and sunny for most of the time. I found the scenery to be stunning and at the same time extremely varied Having been on some bigger rivers before I really enjoyed the smaller scale of the Owyhee that made it more intimate....also the rapids were numerous and fun (even more fun riding a Duckie). The food were just too good (I overate once), the camps were well thought out (camp of 4th night was my favourite). What also made this trip special was the hikes (they were all great). Some hikes like to the top of the chalk cliffs included a lot of elevation gain and others were relatively flat and easy. The hot springs were awesome (and hot!) Finally the guides were all excellent with much knowledge about rafting in general and also good problem solvers (we happened to became stuck on rocks in two rapids). The good spirit and mood among the guides (and guests) also made this trip memorable. -Mikael "
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