“What just might be the best commercial rafting company in North America. The trips are spectacular beyond description, the guides are the best of the best, the food is incomparable, and the customers are treated like royalty.”


To all our past and present guests – Thank You!  At the end of every year we sift through the emails and the photos from all of you and it never fails to give us goose bumps, it never fails to make us happy (and a little sad), and it never fails to remind us of the power and beauty of our wild places and, even more importantly, of the unique and remarkable people we are lucky enough to spend time with on the river every season.

So, with your continued support, wonderful personalities, and adventurous spirits we will continue to keep and attract the best guides anywhere. We will continue to reshape the way river travel is run and to work towards setting the standard in trip quality and environmental responsibility. And we will continue to run rivers and add adventures that are the best in their class and that are off the beaten path.

To all past and present guests a huge –


For those who have not been on a rafting trip with us below are some highlights and then a rolling list of testimonials as they come in from our guests. You can also check out TripAdvisor.com and Yelp.com for even more. Enjoy!

  • Rogue River Trail Hiking

    "We have traveled with many guide companies in the past including Backroads, Country Walkers, REI, Northwest Frontiers Scotland, Mountain Travel Sobek, etc and can honestly say we have never had a guide any better than Andy. He took great care to make everything run smoothly, accommodated us at every turn, and was always cheerful,patient, and friendly (sounds like the Boy Scout Handbook). Above all he is a genuinely nice guy..."
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "My partner and I were used to doing DIY adventure trips so it was such a treat to be looked after by Momentum - with knowledgeable guides, delicious fresh food and lots of time on the river, we are definitely converts to this kind of trip! The trip was the perfect mixture of wild river, wildlife, wilderness and really comfortable beds in warm cabins at night - brilliant accommodation with nice hot showers! We got plenty of river time and our guide Sol made sure we enjoyed the best rapids and got involved in the inflatable kayak and SUP! The food was excellent, and we loved the nice touch of providing local wines and cheeses. We felt a real connection with the guides, they were so welcoming and interested in our lives, and couldn't do enough to ensure we had an epic time. Can't recommend this trip enough!"
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "Three or so years ago, I made this same journey with a dozen other folks in heartbreakingly beautiful sunny weather — a wonderful trip. THIS time, I dragged my husband along, and together with just two other fellas and our superb guide Anna, we froze our butts off during a couple days of unseasonable rain. Yet, when I think back, all I can recall was the extraordinary natural beauty of the river, the camaraderie of our fellow paddlers, my admiration for our river guide, the comfort of our accommodations, and how grateful I was that second afternoon when we pulled into Paradise Lodge and got our “Rum and Tea” in the bar. Thank you, Momentum — can’t wait till next time!"
  • Rogue 3-Day Lodge Trips

    "I highly recommend Momentum River Expeditions! We did the 3 day lodge to lodge trip that was really the best of wilderness adventure and comfort. The crew were all amazing on the water and off. They created a very fun, educational, engaging, and relaxing environment where all our needs were easily taken care of. I’d join this classy group for another trip anytime! Thank you for the fun and adventure. Melisa - Sept 6-9th Rogue River"
  • Rogue 3-Day Lodge Trips

    "I always thought I needed at least a week to disconnect from work and truly relax - not true! A three day river trip with Momentum on the Rogue completely did the trick. As a matter of fact, at the end of the first morning I already felt like a new person - the river was gorgeous, the rafting so much fun, and the guides phenomenal. I really enjoyed the smaller group compared to prior trips with different companies, it created opportunities to connect with everyone on the trip. Will definitely be back for other trips with momentum!"
  • Rogue River 1/2 Day

    "Our family recently did the 1/2 day Rogue River rafting trip. I wish we had time to do the full day! Our day started with a minor snag but was very quickly fixed by Caleb who went above and beyond to make sure we were set up for a great trip. Our driver was Tina who was a delight to chat with to and from the rafting sight. She gave us some great tips on places to eat. Our rafting guide, Julio, was outstanding! He was so knowledgeable and funny. We were amazed at his stories and places he has rafted. We are looking forward to our next trip so we can plan a longer rafting trip. Thank you for a fantastic experience!"
  • "It was agreat experience. That the tents were always up was very conveniet. The guides were super, the best was the walking art museum, Lorenzo, waht an interesting guide, all were very friendly and approchable. Food was super, enough of everything plus fruits and vegetables. Amazing how fast 6 days can pass. I read ca. 15 years ago "The last opf the mountain man", neat to see his homestead on this trip. The highlight of my summer, my son was also on this trip, and he liked it a lot, too."
  • Upper Klamath Day Trip

    "This was beyond the best experience, the guide Vikram was so outstanding very knowledgeable very helpful it was just so much fun!! And Tina was the nicest human I’ve ever met!! I just loved this experience so much. I will return! Todd"
  • Upper Klamath Multi-Sport Rafting Safari

    "It was amazing!!!!"
  • Upper Klamath Day Trip

    "This is totally worth it! We had a great time with our awesome and knowledgeable guides Andy and Vikram. Thank you!!"
  • Lower Owyhee

    "I have been on many rivers, 38 to be exact. Have used Momentum twice now using guides. Andy and Mike did a great job. One of the best I have encountered using guides. Not only was their guidance down the Owyhee fantastic so was there cooking. I had a friend come along who did not know how to swim. They did a great job in assisting and protecting his experience. They did it so well that he wants some more adventure. Joe Nelson"
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "We had a fantastic trip with three families rafting the Rogue River. For several of us, it was our first rafting trip, we had a mixture of adults & kids, vegans & carnivores, picky eaters (the kids!) and more, and Momentum not only handled it with grace but prepared excellent food, kept us safe and having fun on the river, and gave us the family trip of a lifetime. We loved it, and we can't wait to do another river with Momentum. Andy, Diego and Derek are fantastic guides; they hosted a fun Rogue wine tasting with local cheeses, the kept us safe on the rapids, setup our tents, played guitar and sang in the evenings - and by the last day we were all sad to leave. We loved being off the grid and in nature. Momentum is excellent and we plan to book a trip with them again!"
  • Middle Owyhee

    "If you ever get the chance to do this fantastic trip, jump on it as hard as you can. This incredible place is only available for rafting at high water during snowmelt, which some years doesn't happen - or the window is very short. Yes, it's cold, and yes, it's wet. But what does one expect in the early spring in the Pacific Northwest? Just frickin' do it!"
  • Lower Owyhee Kayak Expedition

    "I wish I had more than five stars to give! This was my first rafting trip, and I couldn't be more impressed with Momentum River Expeditions. The scenery was awe-inspiring, the food was incredible, but our guides truly made this experience unforgettable. I went on a six-day, raft-supported kayak trip on the Owyhee River, and it was an amazing experience! The setting was breathtaking and the meals were outstanding, but the guides were what made this expedition stand out. Our guides, Andy and Mike, are great at navigating the river, but they are so much more than that! They are great conversationalists, versatile and expansive in their intellectual curiosity; they are careful and thorough teachers (not to mention endlessly patient); they're extraordinarily hard workers; they're calm, thoughtful, witty, and engaging; and they're careful stewards of this stretch of river that they know and love so well. In short, they're perfect ambassadors for Momentum River Expeditions."
  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "Momentum River Expeditions led a group of 14 runners down the Rogue River Trail, and supported by raft! Their team was professional, fun to be around, and made excellent food for us each evening! I'd do another Momentum trip in a heartbeat"
  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "Running the Rogue River trail with the support of Momentum was an amazing experience! The Momentum team seamlessly handled all of the travel logistics, food, safety considerations, campsite set up, and I'm sure many other things that I wasn't even aware of, so the group could simply enjoy the beautiful experience. And the guides were incredibly kind and personable, so it was really fun to spend time in camp with them. I would do another trip with Momentum in a heartbeat, and recommend them without reservation. Thank you, Momentum!"
  • Middle Owyhee

    "I just finished a 4 day Middle Owyhee trip and can't speak highly enough of the Momentum team. We booked over a year ago but the 2018 trip was cancelled due to low water. Momentum allowed us to choose from a different trip that year or booking the Middle Owyhee for 2019. It was more than worth the wait. The staff is friendly and responsive to pre-trip questions. The guides are experienced, well-traveled and exceptional communicators. The food was excellent and the camps were in great locations on the river. I'm looking forward to the my next Momentum trip, hopefully sooner rather than later."
  • Lower Owyhee DeRiemer Kayaking Trip

    "Ann and I had a great time on the trip. Andy and crew did an excellent job making sure everyone had a great camping experience. The food prepared was gourmet. Jess and Austin did an excellent job setting up camp everyday as well as cooking our meals. Mary DeRiemer and her crew were excellent in guiding us down the river safely. We are planning on joining both companies next year. Thanks for the wonderful time on the river!"
  • Lower Owyhee

    "This early April trip on the Lower Owyhee was our first rafting trip with Momentum. We chose them because they have an excellent reputation, were offering one of the earliest trips of the season (we weren’t going to miss the optimal float levels this year!), and we’d crossed paths with them last year on the Alsek River. Our five professional and very personable guides (Andy (trip leader), Kaity, Shana, Mike, and Rob) worked really hard – initially in less than optimal weather – to give us an AWESOME experience in a truly wonderful part of Oregon. 😀 The food was an excellent mix of vegetarian and meaty choices. And the weather finally gave us two warm and sunny days! These factors, along with a very congenial group of fellow rafters, made this the unforgettable experience we’d hoped for. We're seriously considering rafting the Illinois River with Momentum in 2020 (if water levels permit)."
  • Tatshenshini River Rafting

    "I know it’s rare, but Momentum is a company that delivers everything they promise. I have been rafting with many outfitters but they set the standard. Great guides, great food, great gear, great times. We had an amazing trip..."