“What just might be the best commercial rafting company in North America. The trips are spectacular beyond description, the guides are the best of the best, the food is incomparable, and the customers are treated like royalty.”


To all our past and present guests – Thank You!  At the end of every year we sift through the emails and the photos from all of you and it never fails to give us goose bumps, it never fails to make us happy (and a little sad), and it never fails to remind us of the power and beauty of our wild places and, even more importantly, of the unique and remarkable people we are lucky enough to spend time with on the river every season.

So, with your continued support, wonderful personalities, and adventurous spirits we will continue to keep and attract the best guides anywhere. We will continue to reshape the way river travel is run and to work towards setting the standard in trip quality and environmental responsibility. And we will continue to run rivers and add adventures that are the best in their class and that are off the beaten path.

To all past and present guests a huge –


For those who have not been on a rafting trip with us below are some highlights and then a rolling list of testimonials as they come in from our guests. You can also check out TripAdvisor.com and Yelp.com for even more. Enjoy!

  • California Salmon Rafting Safari

    "Erik- Thank you for such a great time. We really enjoyed our time with your crew on and off the river. What a great experience, I will definitely be recommending this company to anyone who is interested in this sort of adventure. I would have loved to do Last Chance and Freight Train over and over again, those were the best! Thanks again! Take care. Whitney Turner "
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "I went on this four-day river trip for my birthday with family and friends. We very much enjoyed Momentum's guide's leadership and boating experience (25 yrs each!) and I don't know what I will do for an encore next year.....but trips such as this are hard to beat! The wild life (bears, bald eagles, deer, fish, ducks) and historical landmark visits made the trip more interesting. The food was awesome, and the campsites (they did all the work) were unsurpassed. Staying at the Galice resort the eve before the put-in made morning start easy. Two hour drive back to Galice smooth. A very fun trip for seniors, young adults and teenagers. Saw others on the river who brought young children....so a adventure for all ages. "
  • "Hi Chad and Eric and the others as well, Finally back in the Netherlands, and once more: many many thanks for our lovely rafting trip on the Lower Klamath: it was undoubtedly the high point of our vacation. We loved the rafting itself, the terrific food, the pleasant company and the sense of being in good hands: totally great: more than made true your advertisement at the bottom of that e-mail. Best wishes, good luck with the environmental law etc, Titia "
  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "If you are a trail runner (of any ability) and love to camp, this trip is a must! My first trip was in May and I loved everything - the service, food, and of course the scenery. When I received the email that there would be another trip in September, I signed up and my second didn't disappoint. It was the same trail but fall colors were in effect and it was the perfect running weather. The group of people who ran were from all over yet it was quite the bonding experience. And of course the food....you are spoiled. Amazing experiences that I won't soon forget and I couldn't recommend more."
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "It was so much fun and we had an AMAZING time! You, John and Tyler were all excellent guides, and took such amazing care of us. I hope you all have a great summer, and we will continue to tell all of our friends and family what a great experience we had."
  • Rogue River 1/2 Day

    "Hi, Alan-- Thx so much for our short but eventful trip on the 1/2 day Rogue. Our family is hooked and we appreciate the quality of service that we received. The food was great and I can now say to people that we had a gourmet picnic on the Rogue River with watermelon, cinnamon and an excellent garlic torta, crackers and lovely scenery. Thanks for your personable nature. My daughter now knows about the rafting school and is all psyched to try it out. We will come back again! We are already talking about the whole day Upper Klamath trip for next year! Thx for a great trip. We will use your services again. "
  • California Salmon Rafting Safari

    "It was a great trip. Haley said it was one of her favorite vacation trips ever. We'll definitely do another trip in the future. Your whole staff and crew was great, it made the trip that much better. "
  • Middle Owyhee

    "WE LOVED the trip, and are already getting mileage from the snow story. I have a lot more to add, but will wait until I have some time. Hope this week's trip is easier. Caroline"
  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "I have to say that before we left, the only thing I knew for sure was that I didn't train enough for the 3 day trail run. I don't camp much and don't really trail run. I'm a pavement/bike path/treadmill kind of runner. I've been hiking for long distances, but it's not really my thing. You have to carry everything. So, when we arrived in Galice, OR I wasn't sure I would like this trip at all. I loved every minute of it! While waiting to leave for the take off point, we had a chance to meet and chat with the group. We a great group with folks coming from each coast and as far away as Australia. The first day's run was refreshing. Not being the fastest runner in the group, I arrived, nonetheless not too far behind the fastest runners, as they staggered the everyone in groups by estimated finish time. Sandwiches were there waiting for us at the edge of the Rogue River along with Gatorade, cookies (always a favorite of mine!), and some good strong cowboy coffee. The camp was already set-up with large two person tents and fantastic air mattresses. All we had to do was choose our location on the shore. After changing into our camp pants (I brought my plaid fuzzy pajama pants), we hung around and chatted with the group, took a sort nap, and skipped rocks in the river. Appetizers came shortly thereafter along with some wine and more good conversation. Dinner was some homemade soup provided by Patagonia. The dinner was very good and filling. We had more than a few vegan and vegetarian folks in the group and Momentum always offered options for every appetizer, dinner, and desert. For desert there was fresh strawberries and melted chocolate and more wine. Man, this is camping...okay, probably NOT camping, but MY kind of camping. All the stuff I would take, but can't carry was there for the enjoyment. The trail guides and trail/cooking crew were fantastic and always willing to play games and talk about their lives and experiences running and paddling through life. They were patient for those who ran slower to enjoy the scenery and understanding when folks needed to raft down the river to the next camp...no judgement at all on the three day event...run as much and as slow or fast as you want...or even just hike down the trail...it's was all good. The second evening turned into jammy pant night as others had also stashed away their favorite fuzzy comfy pants, but were just a little timid to where them outside the tent. But, a little coaxing and beer and wine, it was a jammy fest. GREAT FUN! I think the best part for me was talking with the guides and not carrying a single thing, except maybe a energy bar (Momentum brought along a stash of those, too). Next best, I'd have to say was the Rogue River itself, especially the scenery through the gorge. I had to pretty much walk the last day because my thighs took a pounding on the trail. But, really, who cares when the scenery and camaraderie and experience was so good. Thank you, Momentum, I just may sign up for this one again."
  • California Salmon Rafting Safari

    "Hi Pete, I just wanted to touch bases with you and thank you for the incredible Cal Salmon/Scott trip this last weekend. The Salmon at 3000 cfs was a very different river from 3 years ago at a much lower flow, and the Scott at 1000 cfs was very technical and fun as hell! Erik did a great job on the oars as always, and Schuler rapid in particular was long, complex, and very challenging. The food was extraordinary, the camping deluxe, and all the other guests fun to be with. And I even got all my final exams all graded (I finished this at the Weed Motel 6 Monday evening)!! Next up for me is Moss Canyon/Rossasco Ravine on the north Yuba in 2 weeks, then a bunch of stuff in Colorado culminating with Gore Canyon (with AVA) in early August. With regard to the Middle Owyhee next year: Easter in 2011 is April 24, so I will have April 16 (Sa) - April 24 (Su) as my spring break. So hopefully you will run a trip on the MO during that time. If you do, I can guarantee you I will go on it barring unforseen circumstances (it would be best if it would not start right ON the 16th or end right ON the 24th, so I could have at least a day to travel each way). Also, I would like to go on the Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser trip sometime in the future if you could schedule it to end prior to Aug. 12, but that trip is probably more likely to work for me 2 years from now rather than next year. Thanks again, and I hope for your continued success, and success with all of your future plans for Momentum. I think that it is terriffic that you are always pushing the envelope, trying new things. I hope you don't work too hard though. Take care, Paul Kryder "
  • Illinois River Rafting

    "Simon, it was an incredible trip and you guys did a fantastic job of keeping us amused, well fed and safe. "
  • "Thanks for such a great trip and experience. We wouldn't have asked/ expected for any thing more. Anthony, Glenn and Mike all were great company , extremely helpful and excellent guides. Food was very good and particularly for us, who are 100 % lacto vegetarian , we had plenty of choices. Only one suggestion, please put in your required list for the people to get watershoes/rivershoes of good quality ( which we didn't have :(, we bought the cheap one !), so hike to Ukonom Falls was little tough ). "
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "We spent 4 days (rafting), 3 nights (camping) on the Rogue River on big rafts + inflatable kayaks. It was a phenomenal trip—our guides were skilled river navigators and kayak instructors, made camp for us every night, and cooked phenomenal (and I am very a discerning eater) meals at every opportunity. It was a lovely respite from everyday life, beautiful, rejuvenating. Our guides, Jane, Tyler, and Anthony, were professional and calm (and funny and interesting). I would recommend Momentum to anyone. We were lucky to have chosen them for this good family trip (mom + 2 sons, 28 + 26). It might just have been a perfect trip."
  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "We ALL loved the trip very much. One woman in our group said it was a "life changing" experience for her. I appreciated that all of the guides treated us with respect, even though a couple people had to walk most of the miles. I am thankful that they allowed them to do that and kept smiles on their faces and made them feel valued to be on the trip. Orea was an especially fantastic caretaker. Anthony too! The the young runners - well it is hard not to be happy with so much smiling and laughing going on! The trail was way better than I thought. I knew it would be beautiful, but I pictured a far rockier trail out in the full sun all the time. I was pleasantly surprised to find many stretches of smooth footing, in the shade, among the big trees and side creeks headed down to the river. The food was excellent! Absolutely no complaints. So decadent to have someone cook for me! LOVE that - wish I could do it in real life! It was all in all a fantastic trip. Might even have to do it again!"
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "Hi Pete!! We are all so grateful for such a fun opportunity to raft/kayak the Rogue the way we did! We all a wonderful time! The children wrote about their experience in their journals so they will be remembering it for a long time. :) -Paulina and family"
  • California Salmon Rafting Safari

    "Pete- Thanks for yet another great week of rafting! I'm always impressed with your business and how hard you work to learn and grow and make it better--congratulations! You have put together a special group of people and create some wonderful experiences for the rest of us--thank you. "
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "What a fantastic trip. The whole trip was a perfect escape from reality, with a top-notch team to help me unplug. Alan, Orea and Anthony were the amazing team that led us down the 3 day/2 night lodge trip down the Rogue. They were kind, friendly, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable about the river and history of the area. We stayed at two lodges along the way, both were rustic and in line with what we expected. You can't beat having a hot shower after a long day on the river. The meals that Momentum cooked and prepared were also fantastic. I never left hungry and all the cooking was with fresh, simple ingredients. I highly recommend going on a trip with Momentum (my family has done several, but this was my first), they are a first class operation that is focused on you having a memorable, enjoyable experience."
  • Lower Owyhee

    "Our 4 day Middle Owyhee rafting trip was canceled due to low water, but we were offered a 5 day rafting trip on the Lower Owyhee at the same price. We immediately said yes and it was an awesome trip. Only the two of us made the switch so we had a smaller, more fun raft and two guides to ourselves. Orea and Cooper were excellent rafters and great guides. The scenery was outstanding and the food was great. Best rafting trip ever!"
  • Rogue High Adventure Kayaking

    "My family did an inflatable kayak trip with Momentum on the Rogue River. We all had a blast. The Rogue is a spectacular river, and offers some very exciting whitewater. We've done some other adventure trips, and all have had friendly and helpful guides. What set Momentum apart was the competence of all three guides - They all had plenty of experience in much tougher whitewater. This inspired confidence in the whole group, as well as making everyone safer. They could also cook! All the meals were delicious, with great service to boot. We're thoroughly spoiled for the next camping trip. One piece of advice - As Momentum states in their info, most kayakers will swim a rapid at least once during the trip. If this bothers you, pick one of their trips with rafting options."
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "My father and I took the 4 day wilderness camp trip down the Rogue River. It was absolutely incredible, and I would definitely recommend taking this trip with Momentum. Our guides (Mara and Jeff) were so fun and personal, and I felt safe and well taken care of at all times. Having only 6 people on our trip was really nice. The food was awesome! I was a little concerned they would have trouble meeting my dietary needs (vegan and gluten free), but the guides made delicious food food for me and catered to the dietary needs of others on the trip, too. This was my Dad and my first trip in Oregon, and our guides made the river trip an unforgettable one. Oregon is beautiful and I can't wait to visit again! "