Life on the River

Discover Overnight Rafting Trips

Forget your phone. Forget passwords. Forget Facebook. Forget the vibrating, jingling and blinking….Forget what you need to do tomorrow, next week, next year…

Remember being in the moment… Remember what it feels like to have your day structured by the sun rising and setting…


You wake up to the sound of a fish jumping in the river. A guide taps your tent – she has a mug of fresh coffee for you. Your toes squeak through the chilly sand of the beach on your way to the river’s edge. Set your coffee on a rock and splash fresh water on your face. You’re awake. You’re here. Who knows what day it is…

Your river guides are joking with each other, sipping hot beverages, cracking eggs and slicing strawberries. The sky is brilliant – a color you haven’t seen for a long time. The canyon walls are majestic but familiar: they’ve been your home for the last two days. An eagle silently soars overhead, waking up with the rising sunlight. You’re awake. You’re here. Who knows what day it is…

At the time you’d normally be cracking open your laptop and checking email, you’re headed down the slope of a wave hearing the rush of the wilderness all around you. Hoots and hollers slide up the river walls from the boats below. You dig your paddle into the water and your body awakens, not because you’re exercising, but because it has to. You have a boat to get down the river.

Your arms are tired and your hair is a mess. You’re awake. You’re here. Who knows what day it is…



There is something very unique about a river trip – besides leaving your phone and the internet behind – there is a unique feeling to being led through nature by nature itself. The river supplies the direction, the views, the action, and the speed and rhythm of your days,

For most of our trips you do not need to be an experienced adventurer, an athlete, or even to have ever touched a paddle or spent a night under the stars. Our trips are designed for those who like or want to be introduced to the outdoors and our goal is to make these places we love accessible to everyone.

Guests are surprised by the quality of the food, the overall comfort, and the many intangibles that characterize extended time on the river. We are extremely proud of our comfortable camping in wilderness places. The camping is deluxe, the food is excellent and served in a dining room where the sky is the ceiling, and you can leave everything to us – the planning, the cooking, the cleaning, and even the gear. Just bring your toothbrush and your sense of adventure.

If you have any worries our questions about ‘life on the river’ or how camping on the river works give us a call or shoot us an email!


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