Our Guides & Staff

It is our goal to re-invent the way river trips are run

Momentum River Expeditions started with the idea of bringing the handcrafted quality, the attention to detail, and the sense of adventure of expedition style trips back to all river trips. Whether it is on the big class V water of the Cal Salmon; the logistically difficult and off the beaten path Owyhee Kayak Trips; a day trip down the Upper ‘K’; or a wilderness trip down the Rogue or Idaho Salmon with 3 generations of families and friends. It is our goal to re-invent the way rafting trips are run. To set the standard for guest service, trip quality, attention to detail, safety, and the overall river experience.

This all starts with our guides and staff. Our guides are some of the finest anywhere and have a minimum of 5 years of experience leading trips around the world – most have well over 15 (nobody offers this kind of top to bottom experience). They are not only gifted technically, but they are also multi-talented, curious, fun, warm-hearted, and they truly enjoy showing people the wild places that have captivated them for so long. Most importantly they are experts at creating an atmosphere where the benefits and joys of rivers can be lived to the fullest and where it is easy to relax and be yourself.



About the People of Momentum


Pete Wallstrom : Guide / Owner

Pete Wallsrom - Photo: Jen Jones


Pete is originally from Vermont but has spent time living in Colorado, Wyoming, South America, and on the West Coast. He has been a guide for over 20 years and has run rivers all over the United States – including the Upper Tuolumne (Cherry Creek) in California, considered the toughest regularly-run commercial trip in North America – as well as rivers in Nepal, India, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, and Chile. He is a board member for the Oregon Guides and Outfitters Association, the Save the Wild Rogue Campaign, the Rogue Outfitters Association, and works closely with the Southern Oregon University Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program as well as with environmental groups that work towards the protection of wild rivers. Besides boating he is an avid back-country skier, boarder, runner, and general outdoor adventurer. He believes in environmental stewardship through advocacy by experience. That getting a wide variety of people out into wild places and showing the places in a way that they understand and that they appreciate (and that is really fun!) creates advocates that love and will want to protect them.


Erik Sol : Guide


A native Wisconsinite (with an accent that comes out when excited), Erik grew up and was comfortable with the water long before he became a river guide. He has spent over 20 years exploring and guiding on rivers throughout the western United States, India, Nepal, Tibet, and New Zealand. He now lives here in Ashland with his wife and son. He helped develop Southern Oregon University’s Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program and is now a full time instructor.  He teaches mountaineering, rock climbing, whitewater skills, Swiftwater Rescue, Wilderness and Remote First Aid, and the all-important ‘soft skills’ of outdoor leadership.  Erik loves sharing his knowledge of river environments and is a true ‘guides guide’ who is equally at home floating scenic canyons, running class V steeps, or leading a local wine tasting under the night sky. Erik is one of our original guides and we are lucky to continue to have him on our crew.


Anthony Burgstahler: Guide and Rogue Fishing Manager


After a career as a supermodel was tragically cut short by genetics, Anthony resigned himself to the simple life of a river guide. His addiction to guiding began in 1991, but his real love of rivers began when family friends invited him on his first trip when he was eleven. His 20+ years as a professional guide has taken him throughout the western United States as well as Nepal and Chile.Anthony grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills. It was there that his love of nature and knowledge of flora and fauna was encouraged by his father. Besides guiding our river trips he also manages and guides our fall Rogue Fishing operation. He supports his whitewater habit by working as a carpenter and general all around expert handy man (much of the custom Momentum gear is built by Anthony). He also loves 50’s and vintage furniture and clothing – as you might notice by his everyday attire. He, his wife Sasha, daughter Emma Dayle, and their dogs, Milhaus and Phoebe, currently reside in Northern California. Anthony is also one of our original guides and his quiet, understated demeanor and expert whitewater skills have made him a favorite of our most loyal guests.


Orea Roussis – Guide

Orea grew up in the suburbs of West Hartford, Connecticut – the Nutmeg State.  She has been guiding for over 25 years and is one of the most skilled paddle guides we have ever seen.  She has guided in Nepal (during the start of whitewater exploration there), South and Central America, India, and all over the U.S. and was one of Whitewater Voyages ‘go everywhere’ class V guides for many years.  She also still guides yearly trips on the Grand Canyon. Orea is a trained chef (as many of our guests can attest to), works on developing our menus, and was instrumental in developing an extremely innovative ‘fancy but lightweight’ menu for our Lower Owyhee Inflatable Kayaking Expedition. She particularly loves baking and has perfected a recipe for ‘Twinkie-misu’. Despite her big water background she loves our family trips and is a favorite among the kids. Orea is logistically gifted and one of those rare guides where you can just hand her a packet of info with a new river, a new itinerary, a bunch of guest requests, and you know the trip will go flawlessly.  Little known facts about Orea: She played the Tuba in 6th grade…



Jane Dicey – Guide


Jane was born in Hex River, South Africa, and grew up barefoot on the family fruit farm in the mountains of the Cape. She has been guiding for over 25 years, beginning as a guide on the Orange River in South Africa in 1989, just as rafting was starting in South Africa. Since then, she has run rivers all over South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia (Zambezi), Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, New Zealand, Ecuador and Bolivia. In the US, Jane has guided in Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, and Oregon, and met her husband on the Middle Fork in Idaho.

She has been the captain of the South African Women’s Raft Team (3rd in Worlds), managed multiple river companies, pioneered new runs, and appeared in a number of documentaries – including “Tweaking the Nose of Terror” during the 3rd Descent of the Class V+ Murchison section of the White Nile and “The Longest River” during the Source to Sea expedition on the White Nile.

She is always happiest to be on overnights trip, far away from any outside contact.  When not on the river, Jane likes to read, write, teach first aid, eat chocolate, surf, hike and kayak badly. Her travels now mostly take her between her two homes of Africa and the US.


Tyler Pohle: Guide – Operations Manager


Tyler is another one of our Wisconsin natives. He has been a river guide for over 10 years and has guided rivers in Colorado, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon, California, Idaho, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Guatemala. When not on the river, Tyler can be found guiding backcountry snowboarding trips, climbing, biking, surfing, sailing, and hiking. He was the manager of his last company in Colorado and now has the tricky job of managing a bunch of guides who have all been managers. Tyler has been known to freak people out with his quick changes from a guide/mountain man to Portland hipster and if we were to start a Momentum Calendar he would probably be voted for the cover. Little known fact about Tyler: He almost decided to become a lawyer instead of a river guide.


Robyn Janssen: Guide


Robyn is one of our true native Southern Oregonians. She has been running rivers since she was 8, discovered her passion for guiding at the age of 18 and has been guiding in the Pacific Northwest ever since. She has worked on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho and the Colorado River through Grand Canyon as well as all of our rivers. Robyn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art (painting) and a minor in Geology, which she blames on her years on the river. She is now the Clean Water Campaigner for Rogue River Keeper and during her spare time you can usually find her in the mountains, in the rivers or painting. Despite being the Rogue River Keeper she still finds time to guide here and on the Grand. She is a Sagittarius, enjoys a good IPA, her favorite food is Italian and she will gladly challenge anyone to a friendly game of Butt Darts.


Alan Svitak: Guide


Another one of our native guides, Alan has been a guide for over 15 years. As a boy growing up in the Rogue Valley, Alan developed a love of nature due to outings with his father and grandfather scuba diving, fishing, camping, hiking and inner tubing on the Rogue River. He eventually became interested in automobiles and drag racing and worked as an automatic transmission builder for 20+ years. His entire life changed when he attended his first river guide training. He trained and worked with a raft company for 9 years before coming to Momentum. As evidence of Alan’s love of the river, his marriage to his wife Debbie took place on the Klamath River and the guest book was a wooden oar. Alan is gifted with the oars, has been with us since the beginning, is one of our most requested guides, and might be one of the nicest people on earth – in fact some of Pete’s favorite guests have decided that they would rather go with Alan.


Andy Hinton: Guide (and old school fashion model)

Andy began guiding over 20 years ago on the rivers of the Southeast, with a few summers spent in Colorado and Alaska.  He is a gifted guide and is one of the most genuinely friendly people you will ever meet.  Guests and other guides have said he is a mix between a Boy Scout and superman and many testimonials say something to the extent of  ‘I have not had a guide any better than Andy’. He still considers his home to be the Wild and Scenic Chattooga River along the South Carolina and Georgia border where he served several years as a River Operations Manager.  Andy’s favorite activities are on the water, but when feeling the need to dry out, he enjoys trail running and writing.  During the winter, he goes back to the South to plant trees and work on stream mitigation projects.  Andy is also known for wearing large boots and a heavy oil skin hat and jacket no matter what the weather is. And, of course,  for his southern politeness and liberal use of ‘Mr’ and ‘Ms’.

Mike Goglin: Guide


Mike is from the land of venison and cheese – Wisconsin – yup, another one! He has been guiding for over 10 years and he grew up fishing, hunting, camping and canoeing throughout the north woods. Mike was introduced to whitewater through the boy scouts in 1996 at the age of 13. He has since used his skills to travel the globe working in Georgia, Idaho, Alaska, Guatemala, and Chile. He is an accomplished class v kayaker (and even hunts from his kayak:) ) and has run most of the hardest rivers and creeks in the area. Mike is also extremely good with rope and rescue techniques. He now lives in Ashland and splits his timing guiding and working for a local solar company.



Rick Sievers – Guide


Rick has been guiding for over 30 years and has an extensive background in education, guiding, and exploration. He graduated from the University of Colorado with B.A. in History and Anthropology, and also studied Geography and obtained an Education Certificate.  Later he worked with the U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska and managed and led educational marine biology programs off the west and east coasts of Baja California for New Perspectives.  He has guided in Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Alaska and Canada, has made three first decent expeditions that focused on conservation issues in equatorial Africa, and has done a ski traverse of Baffin Island. Rick now spends much of the year exploring the northern Rockies and guides on our Idaho Salmon and Owyhee trips. Rick’s knowledge, storytelling, and laid back demeanor have made him a guest favorite and he has by far the most luxurious mustache of any current, past, or future Momentum guide!


Jenn Shelton: Trail Running Host


Jenn is a professional runner and writer and helped develop our raft supported Rogue River Trail Running Trips. She is a Patagonia athlete and ambassador and one of the most well-known ultra-runners in the world. She may be known best for setting the record for the fastest female 100 mile trail race and her part in the bestselling book ‘Born to Run’. But she is also an extremely talented writer (she is currently working on a book), can whip up any recipe that includes cheese, Yum Sauce, or full fat sour cream, and is an expert at skiing’s hallowed snowplow turn. Jenn has a passion for life and adventure that is infectious and that comes out on every trip that she is a part of.


Cooper Freeman – Guide


Cooper is a San Francisco Bay Area native where growing up he was lucky to call the nearby Pacific Ocean and Sierra Nevada Mountains his playground. While attending UC Santa Barbara as an Environmental History major and drummer of the UCSB Jazz Orchestra, Cooper began his guiding career on the rivers of California. A Whitewater Voyages alumni and former manager on the Tuolumne River Cooper has now guided and led trips on four different continents around the globe, chasing summers in India, Chile, Zambia, Swaziland, and South Africa. He is a guide’s guide who takes his craft seriously and has a passion for bringing out the best in people. He is currently splitting his time between here, Africa, Patagonia, and British Columbia.