Committed to Wild Rivers

We rely on pristine and protected wilderness rivers and are deeply and actively committed to their protection

We love and rely on the natural environment and are deeply and actively committed to its protection. Our river trips feature organic meals, wonderful guides, and are a great way to support and become immersed in these wild places. We are strong believers in the models set by companies such as Patagonia and believe business can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.

A few causes we support…


Rogue River Keeper / Wild Rogue Alliance

We proudly support the community-based efforts of this alliance. They are a coalition of conservation groups, rafters, anglers, kayakers, businesses, and individuals who work together to keep us on our toes about what is going on in the environment surrounding the Lower Rogue River (also known as the Wild and Scenic Rogue). This year we are committed to doing whatever we can to get the Oregon Wildlands Act passed in congress. The Act would add 56,000 acres to the area surrounding the Wild and Scenic Rogue River which would expand the protected area from a quarter mile on either side of the river to several miles in all directions.



Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center

KS Wild might be the most effective small environmental group in the country.  They help to conserve the remaining wild places in southern Oregon and northern California. KS Wild uses environmental law, education, grassroots organization, science, and collaboration to protect the Klamath and Rogue River basins . We are proud to work with them whenever we can to continue protecting the rare biodiversity and wonderful variety of ecosystems in our backyard.


ondaOregon Natural Desert Association

ONDA focuses on the stunning remote wilderness of Central and Eastern Oregon (home of the  Owyhee River). Their research efforts provide scientific data that aid in the enforcement of environmental laws which safeguard Oregon’s deserts. They study grazing, climate change, geology, water quality and more – you can even purchase an amazing calendar with photographs like the one you see here!
It’s easy to almost forget about these isolated, extreme environments like the Owyhee River watershed, but once you have been there you will never forget this amazing wilderness. Their Owyhee Canyonlands Campaign is a statewide effort to permanently protect more than 2 million acres in Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands.


travel oregon

Travel Oregon Forever

We are proud to be a participating business in the Travel Oregon Forever network. Travel Oregon’s Sustainable Business Challenge is a voluntary reporting program that quantifies and qualifies the commitment of tourism and hospitality organizations to running sustainable and environmentally responsible operations. Travel Oregon itself has become a huge advocate in getting more people outside nationally.


food_breakfast.jpgLocal and Organically Sourced Food

We are proud to prepare and feature as many local and organically sourced products as possible on all our rafting trips. You can read about many of our favorite partners, and more about our food here >>




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