“What just might be the best commercial rafting company in North America. The trips are spectacular beyond description, the guides are the best of the best, the food is incomparable, and the customers are treated like royalty.”


To all our past and present guests – Thank You!  At the end of every year we sift through the emails and the photos from all of you and it never fails to give us goose bumps, it never fails to make us happy (and a little sad), and it never fails to remind us of the power and beauty of our wild places and, even more importantly, of the unique and remarkable people we are lucky enough to spend time with on the river every season.

So, with your continued support, wonderful personalities, and adventurous spirits we will continue to keep and attract the best guides anywhere. We will continue to reshape the way river travel is run and to work towards setting the standard in trip quality and environmental responsibility. And we will continue to run rivers and add adventures that are the best in their class and that are off the beaten path.

To all past and present guests a huge –


For those who have not been on a rafting trip with us below are some highlights and then a rolling list of testimonials as they come in from our guests. You can also check out TripAdvisor.com and Yelp.com for even more. Enjoy!

  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "Momentum River Expeditions led a group of 14 runners down the Rogue River Trail, and supported by raft! Their team was professional, fun to be around, and made excellent food for us each evening! I'd do another Momentum trip in a heartbeat"
  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "Running the Rogue River trail with the support of Momentum was an amazing experience! The Momentum team seamlessly handled all of the travel logistics, food, safety considerations, campsite set up, and I'm sure many other things that I wasn't even aware of, so the group could simply enjoy the beautiful experience. And the guides were incredibly kind and personable, so it was really fun to spend time in camp with them. I would do another trip with Momentum in a heartbeat, and recommend them without reservation. Thank you, Momentum!"
  • Middle Owyhee

    "I just finished a 4 day Middle Owyhee trip and can't speak highly enough of the Momentum team. We booked over a year ago but the 2018 trip was cancelled due to low water. Momentum allowed us to choose from a different trip that year or booking the Middle Owyhee for 2019. It was more than worth the wait. The staff is friendly and responsive to pre-trip questions. The guides are experienced, well-traveled and exceptional communicators. The food was excellent and the camps were in great locations on the river. I'm looking forward to the my next Momentum trip, hopefully sooner rather than later."
  • Lower Owyhee DeRiemer Kayaking Trip

    "Ann and I had a great time on the trip. Andy and crew did an excellent job making sure everyone had a great camping experience. The food prepared was gourmet. Jess and Austin did an excellent job setting up camp everyday as well as cooking our meals. Mary DeRiemer and her crew were excellent in guiding us down the river safely. We are planning on joining both companies next year. Thanks for the wonderful time on the river!"
  • Lower Owyhee

    "This early April trip on the Lower Owyhee was our first rafting trip with Momentum. We chose them because they have an excellent reputation, were offering one of the earliest trips of the season (we weren’t going to miss the optimal float levels this year!), and we’d crossed paths with them last year on the Alsek River. Our five professional and very personable guides (Andy (trip leader), Kaity, Shana, Mike, and Rob) worked really hard – initially in less than optimal weather – to give us an AWESOME experience in a truly wonderful part of Oregon. 😀 The food was an excellent mix of vegetarian and meaty choices. And the weather finally gave us two warm and sunny days! These factors, along with a very congenial group of fellow rafters, made this the unforgettable experience we’d hoped for. We're seriously considering rafting the Illinois River with Momentum in 2020 (if water levels permit)."
  • Tatshenshini River Rafting

    "I know it’s rare, but Momentum is a company that delivers everything they promise. I have been rafting with many outfitters but they set the standard. Great guides, great food, great gear, great times. We had an amazing trip..."
  • Tatshenshini River Rafting

    "I think I have been on a half dozen trips with Momentum (and dozens with other river outfitters so I know what I am talking about in this one limited area). Momentum rocks! Absolutely the best in every category. The guides are unbelievable in their knowledge of the surroundings and in their ability to make everyone feel welcome and challenged. The food is first class. Every trip is pure fun from dawn till late night. "
  • DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking Trips

    "In July 2018, my best friend and I joined Momentum and the DeRiemers for a 6 day, 5 night raft supported kayak trip down the Main Salmon River. It was our first time paddling western whitewater and we couldn't have asked for a better introduction! The Momentum Guides and DeRiemer Instructors are top-notch. All were highly skilled on the river and very warm and welcoming. The Momentum guides did an excellent job of setting up comfy camps each night and their cooking can't be beat- seriously, the food was outstanding! An extra thank you to Andy for patiently showing me the basics of fly fishing, it was my first time trying it and a highlight of the trip for me. Rafters and hard boaters, if you are looking to get away from it all without having to deal with the often challenging backcountry logistics this is the way to go. Thank you all for a great week in Idaho!"
  • Rogue River Rafting

    "It was early August 2018. Fires were raging throughout Southern Oregon and California, and while we worried for the firefighters and towns, we also selfishly worried our family vacation would be canceled. Jae at Momentum assured us that would not be the case sending a picture of the Rogue showing proof of life so we got on the plane and headed out. Arriving in Grants Pass (unfortunately, The Galice Resort had to be closed), we pulled into the hotel lot noticing most of the other vehicles were fire control trucks while ash fell onto our shoulders. What had we gotten ourselves into? The next day the sky was a bit clearer as we made our way to an improvised meeting point. We pulled into the lot almost hitting a man in a broad-rimmed hat who stepped out of a building into the driveway. He smiled and waved seeming not to mind. That was certainly a different response than we would have received back home. We soon learned this would be our rafting guide Vikram. It was only later that we learned he would also serve as our nature guide, history teacher, and spiritual shaman (telling us something to the effect of the river is its own religion). After prepping us for the trip and transferring our belongings into dry bags, a second guide, Rob, drove us to the meeting spot where we met the third amigo -- Jeff. These three men would be our team leaders for the next three days, guiding us into the pristine waters of the Rogue and away from the fire, civilization, and the worries of a busy life. We were a family of five with two teens and a 9 year old. There was a mother and her teen son on the trip, a nice couple from the midwest, and two men with their father, bringing him back to a river where he had spent countless days of his adult life while working. We were a motley group, but Vikram, Jeff, and Rob brought us together through rafting, kayaking, food, and drink. Those three days were spent away from technology, away from the busyness of life, and in the presence of nature -- smiles replacing stress lines as nature and solitude replaced concrete and crowds. The actual rafting was, for the most part, easy and relaxing with enough good rapids mixed in to keep things exciting. Vikram was a man from a storybook weaving tales of his times rafting through the US, Africa, India, and Norway. Explaining how to read a river, what makes a rapid, and pointing out the wildlife along the way. Jeff guided his raft (which I was not in) with a smile on his face. Like a sea captain, he often had our youngest son perched on the front of the raft serving as the rafts figurehead leading the way. Both men knew the river well, gave precise instructions, and found places for swimming -- and at the request of the aforementioned nine year old, rock jumping. For lunches, we would pull to shore where Rob (who was gear-guiding) would have tables set for lunch and a spread of food to satisfy all. At times wild berries grew in nearby bushes to supplement the meals. In the evenings we stayed in lodges. The first night, Rob, Vikram, and Jeff prepared an amazing meal which we ate together followed by hours on the porch sharing tales over drinks. Anything you may hear about one father being so tired he went to bed soon after dinner should be ignored as completely unsubstantiated. The second night was spent at the Paradise Lodge, a sort of Four Seasons tucked away in the hills. Again after a dinner to satisfy all, we spent hours on the porch sharing stories and looking at stars -- more stars than many of us had ever seen. It was a celestial masterpiece. As with the first night, our guides ensured it was a celebration of a great day. The third day was shorter and the river wider and flatter -- a reminder that there are times in life where you simply have to keep rowing to push through. The river was teaching us a final lesson before letting us depart. We've sat as a family revisiting this trip and the guides. What else can we say? The guides were professional, great cooks, great with kids and adults, and great teachers. The three men worked well together. Jeff and Rob, in particular, made a great team while Vikram was larger than life on his own. Who knows if life will lead us back to the Rogue, but after this trip, it will lead us on more adventures in search of white waters. TLDR: Momentum does a great job. We really like Vikram, Jeff, and Rob, We'd do it again."
  • Wilderness Gourmet River Trips

    "Just returned from the Upper Klamath Wilderness Gourmet Rafting Safari - 3 day trip. What's beautiful about these river trips is the camaraderie and friendships you build through the adventures together. This trip was a nice reunion with guide-friends whom I've been traveling with since 2012, and meeting new friends who you already have a personal connection with from the river. Pete, Diego, Sol, Marc - a big Thank You!! Momentum guides are all very experienced, having run rivers all around the world, so I always trust them 110%! Since this was a gourmet trip, we had Chef Matt Domingo on the trip again, who just blew everyone away with his culinary awesomeness! The Upper Klamath has long stretches of fun class 3-4 rapids... gorgeous scenery for much-needed river & nature therapy. The base camp is smartly put together - this is glamping, not roughing it at all! And you can choose the activities at your comfort levels - from mountain biking, hiking, and inflatable kayaks. We also had a serious corn hole tournament! :) Looking foward to planning the next trip - on the Salmon!"
  • Upper Klamath Day Trip

    "Myself and two friends had the pleasure of rafting the Upper Klamath River for a 1 day excursion. We had Sam as our guide, who navigated the large class 4 rapids with great skill. I would highly recommend this trip for any adventure seekers such as myself! Momentum lived up to their name as a premier guide in the Southern Oregon area!"
  • Lower Klamath River Rafting

    "3 days on the Lower Klamath with a Waldorf School 8th grade group just last month. Excellent equipment, guides, and office staff. Dealt with unique challenges of our group including medical issues and dietary considerations. Met all our concerns and expectations then exceeded them! My background is in commercial recreation (paddle sports) and outdoor education. Every member of the Momentum team was exceptional! They were excellent at the logistics, wonderful with interpersonal dynamics and spectacular at on water guiding. As a participant, I was able to observe how they made slight changes that greatly improved the experience for both students and adults on the trip. I would highly recommend Momentum River Expeditions to those seeking an exceptional, professional, peak outdoor experience."
  • Lower Klamath River Rafting

    "Took my 8th grade class of 12 students on a 3-day rafting trip of the Lower Klamath. Every aspect of the trip was excellent. The guides were admirable, the food and camping arrangements very well-planned, the equipment of superior quality. I received not one complaint from my group of 14-year-olds - that is a tremendous recommendation!"
  • Upper Klamath Multi-Sport Rafting Safari

    "This trip was the best outdoor experience ever. Rafting, Mountain Biking, Hiking, River KAYAKING... it was a perfect three days with great people (my group AND the people we met on the trip) and the best guides you could ever ask for. Highly recommend!!!"
  • Upper Klamath Day Trip

    "As an old river guide, I am very critical of any trip that I take. This was one of the BEST that I have taken. Not only was the river exciting, but our guide, Andy, was one of the best that I have encountered in my rafting experiences. The food was well presented, fresh and extremely tasty. I give this trip a ‘double thumbs up’. I will do this trip again. I urge you to take it for an awesome experience."
  • Wilderness Gourmet River Trips

    "The best meal in the middle of nowhere"
  • Rogue River Trail Running

    "I’ve been in the business world a long time, watching people try and fail to develop a service model anywhere close to what the guys pulled off in the wilderness. For me their kindness and caring made the adventure complete and gave me a satisfaction and long lasting impression that I’ll never forget!"
  • Upper Klamath Multi-Sport Rafting Safari

    "Trip was fantastic. Well organized, comfortable, safe yet exhilarating, amazing food and guides (Mike and Andy) that were extremely competent and wonderfully personable. Felt like family (the good kind of family) by the end of the trip. Mona"
  • Clear Creek Kayaking Safari

    "Tyler, We had an awesome time! And have definitely enjoyed telling stories to our friends since we have been back. Loved seeing you again and meeting James and Craig. And I LOVE the humus. I thing we want a "do over"! Now we understand more. Lol. Anyway, thanks for everything you all do. See ya again in a couple years!"
  • Upper Klamath Multi-Sport Rafting Safari

    "There aren't enough ways to say how awesome and fun our trip was! Our family of 5 took the 2-day Upper Klamath rafting/camping/kayaking trip. We were so lucky to have Mike and James (and Mike's wife, Amy) as our guides. They made the trip an unforgettable experience for us. They were so incredibly friendly, accommodating, and great cooks! Their operation is timed and planned to a tee and there was never a moment that we felt uncomfortable or worried. Thank you so much...we're already starting to plan our next trip with you guys!"