"What just might be the best commercial rafting company in North America. The trips are spectacular beyond description, the guides are the best of the best, the food is incomparable, and the customers are treated like royalty."
  To all our past and present guests - Thank You!  At the end of every year we sift through the emails and the photos from all of you and it never fails to give us goose bumps, it never fails to make us happy (and a little sad), and it never fails to remind us of the power and beauty of our wild places and, even more importantly, of the unique and remarkable people we are lucky enough to spend time with on the river every season. So, with your continued support, wonderful personalities, and adventurous spirits we will continue to keep and attract the best guides anywhere. We will continue to reshape the way river travel is run and to work towards setting the standard in trip quality and environmental responsibility. And we will continue to run rivers and add adventures that are the best in their class and that are off the beaten path. To all past and present guests a huge - "THANK YOU!" For those who have not been on a rafting trip with us below are some highlights and then a rolling list of testimonials as they come in from our guests. You can also check out TripAdvisor.com and Yelp.com for even more. Enjoy!

  • "I am holding Momentum Rafting completely responsible for turning my entire family in to a bunch of....White Water Junkies!!!! There are very few times when all of us, with 3 teenagers, are all on the same page and 100% happy and present in an activity. This was one of those times. When our guide Robyn told our 3 kids to sit in the front of the raft and to simply enjoy a fun rapid that was coming up, and then proceeded to plow the raft in to a giant standing wave that completely drenched everyone on board, was one of the great highlights of our trip. The squeals and screams were priceless. All of the guides and the fabulous support crew worked extra hard to christen a new camp site and to make sure that everyone was well taken care of. The food was wonderful and the stories were entertaining. We are already scouting for our next river to conquer!! Thanks Pete!!"
  • "If you've never been on a rafting trip, go to MOMENTUM. If you have gone with another company and you thought you had a good time, try MOMENTUM. For those of you who have rafted with them, you already know....No IPADS, no TV, no Phones. It really resets your body and mind..."
  • "Robyn, We had a great trip. It was good family time. I must say I have never had such luxurious camping before in my life. You guys did a great job and the food was fabulous. Thanks so much for everything!"
  • "We are frequent flyers with Momentum. We have followed Pete and his expert crew from the rural Illinois river to the Futaleufu in Chile. This years trip was another amazing experience, The 3 day lodge trip on the Rogue provided abundant wildlife and comfortable beds. If you are looking for a raft company in Oregon or Northern Calif. look no further....go with Momentum."
  • "This is a top-notch rafting company. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Amazing attention to detail, fun but safe, guides are AMAZING. And the food rocks too."
  • "I went on this four-day river trip for my birthday with family and friends. We very much enjoyed Momentum's guide's leadership and boating experience (25 yrs each!) and I don't know what I will do for an encore next year.....but trips such as this are hard to beat! The wild life (bears, bald eagles, deer, fish, ducks) and historical landmark visits made the trip more interesting. The food was awesome, and the campsites (they did all the work) were unsurpassed. Staying at the Galice resort the eve before the put-in made morning start easy. Two hour drive back to Galice smooth. A very fun trip for seniors, young adults and teenagers. Saw others on the river who brought young children....so a adventure for all ages. "
  • "This was our first trip with Momentum, a three-day lodge trip down the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River. Three generations of my family were able to take the trip thanks to the thoughtful and thorough support of our guides. It was a trip we didn’t think we’d ever be able to take because of my 74-year-old father’s lower back issues. However, thanks to an imaginative seating solution from Alan involving a cooler and lawn chairs, my father and his wife were able to ride in a raft safely, securely, and comfortably for the entire trip! We were incredibly impressed with Alan, Brad, and Mike’s attention to detail throughout the trip, and their commitment to making it a memorable experience for our family. This was a “bucket list” trip for my dad (who had gone down the same stretch of river in the 1960s) and stepmother, and the fact they were able to do it in comfort and style on their “thrones” in the raft was such a treat for all of us. We were so impressed with the way Alan (and Brad and Mike) took extra care with the “elders” on the trip, always lending them a hand getting in and out of the boat and making sure they could participate as much as they wanted to, both in the rafts and on the short hikes along the way. He treated them like he’d treat his own parents. In our second raft, Brad provided tons of helpful advice for those who were trying out the duckies, building their confidence and offering support, encouragement, and, when appropriate, mild teasing. (Brad even went so far as to belt out “Eye of the Tiger” for inspiration at one point.) Mike hauled our gear (and food!) ably, efficiently, and with good humor, day after day. His work was largely behind the scenes, but it was obvious that he was a huge contributor to the overall experience. The lunches he prepared were as beautifully presented as they were healthy and delicious. Surprisingly, the dinner our guides prepared for us in a rustic kitchen at Black Bear Lodge was better than the one we got from the “professionals” at Paradise Lodge! By the end of the trip, it was as if we had three new members of the family—our guides were joining in the teasing and joking like they’d known us for years. Oh, and the river and the scenery were spectacular too! There were plenty of thrills, plenty of beautiful quiet spots, and fabulous wildlife (river otters, turtles, herons, bald eagles, deer). Thank you for creating such a memorable experience with a high-quality trip and phenomenal staff. We're already planning our next trip...."
  • "What a fantastic trip. The whole trip was a perfect escape from reality, with a top-notch team to help me unplug. Alan, Orea and Anthony were the amazing team that led us down the 3 day/2 night lodge trip down the Rogue. They were kind, friendly, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable about the river and history of the area. We stayed at two lodges along the way, both were rustic and in line with what we expected. You can't beat having a hot shower after a long day on the river. The meals that Momentum cooked and prepared were also fantastic. I never left hungry and all the cooking was with fresh, simple ingredients. I highly recommend going on a trip with Momentum (my family has done several, but this was my first), they are a first class operation that is focused on you having a memorable, enjoyable experience."
  • "We spent 4 days (rafting), 3 nights (camping) on the Rogue River on big rafts + inflatable kayaks. It was a phenomenal trip—our guides were skilled river navigators and kayak instructors, made camp for us every night, and cooked phenomenal (and I am very a discerning eater) meals at every opportunity. It was a lovely respite from everyday life, beautiful, rejuvenating. Our guides, Jane, Tyler, and Anthony, were professional and calm (and funny and interesting). I would recommend Momentum to anyone. We were lucky to have chosen them for this good family trip (mom + 2 sons, 28 + 26). It might just have been a perfect trip."
  • "We’ve been savoring our time ever since. You were a great team; a wonderful lead—calm while watchful—and our Girls grew by paddles, rows and splashes. Keep caring, cooking and laughing the wonderful way you all do…"
  • "Hi Tyler, Arden, and Simon, You all are the greatest! We had an absolutely fantastic time and I was so impressed with you all! Our trip wildly exceeded my expectations (even though this was my first ever rafting trip!), and each of you was responsible for helping make it one of the most enjoyable adventures I've ever been on! Thank you again for everything and we look forward to seeing you all on another adventure!"
  • "Hi Pete, We just finished our trip with your crew yesterday. I had to write to personally thank you for providing one of the best vacations I have ever had :) Arden, Zack, Paige and Anthony could not have been a better fit for our group and they made the trip that much more enjoyable and memorable. They were all infectious with their passion and happiness with being on the river and were so informative with history and stories along the way. I surprised even myself by how sad I was to leave yesterday, a very atypical mood for this "glass half full" kind of gal :) I told my dad today that we need to go back! p.s. the food was outstanding!!! -Dana "
  • "We met our 2 adult children in Oregon for a family reunion and spent 4 days rafting the Rogue River with Momentum River Expeditions. What an incredible trip! Our guides were unbelievable—knowledgeable, professional, skilled and so fun to be around. We consider ourselves a little bit “foodies” and were so impressed with the food! They took into account food preferences and every day we were amazed at the choices and how delicious it all was---we felt very spoiled. The campsites were spectacular and beautiful, waking up each morning to magnificent views of the river. We were also impressed with the side day hikes, to waterfalls, Zane Grey’s cabin, and more, all unexpected and unforgettable. Our guide took into account ability levels so we all 4 were able to do as much (or as little) as we wanted. Our family decided it was one of our best trips ever and gave us much to think about and remember."
  • "I sent a long trip report to my extended family. Hope some of them decide to join us next time we go with you guys. We really enjoyed the trip, and I have a sneaky suspicion it will prove to be the highlight of our trip through OR/WA. My 83-year-old mother asked, after reading my report, "Can I go?" And then she supplemented with another email, "I will enjoy the breakfast and lunch parts at least." We appreciated your company and excellent guiding, and especially your alertness when Kelly fell in. Please tell Peter he runs a great operation, and keep it up! We need professionals like you guys to have both the excitement and the safety. -Cathy "
  • "If you've never been on a rafting trip, go to MOMENTUM. If you have gone with another company and you thought you had a good time, try MOMENTUM. For those of you who have rafted with them, you already know. Alan, Celine and Tyler made everything so EASY, SAFE, and CONVENIENT. My 9 year old son had a blast. No IPADS, no TV, no Phones. It really resets your body and mind. I'm already planning my next trip. Thank you MOMENTUM!!"
  • "Your company makes it so easy for the “outdoor adventure challenged” to enjoy this spectacular wilderness area and always feel safe and comfortable. I started out with reasonably high expectations, but the experience far surpassed my wildest dream! I would recommend your adventures to anyone who has an interest in experiencing this wonderful wilderness in style and comfort."
  • "Our 3 day rafting trip with Momentum was exceptional. Our guides were competent, knowledgeable and very capable which made us feel safe and cared for. I will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and go on another trip with them myself."
  • "We had such a fantastic time. I am ready to sign up for another trip right now!! I can't thank you enough for how wonderful you were - especially with getting my kiddos involved in the adventure and encouraging them to stretch their wilderness muscles. It was a dream of mine to take a trip like this, and it exceeded my expectations. I also want to thank you for going above and beyond to accommodate our food issues. It was all just so much fun - even if it took a good week or so for my bottom to recover from the fish ladder. I was incredibly sore once I didn't have the cold river to jump in several times a day! -Diana "
  • "The trip was way beyond our wildest expectations--mainly due to your team. You were so skilled, encouraging, knowledgeable, etc. and we literally have not stopped talking about the trip! We feel SO lucky with the makeup of the group (and, of course, the weather). So happy to have met you! "
  • "It was so much fun and we had an AMAZING time! You, John and Tyler were all excellent guides, and took such amazing care of us. I hope you all have a great summer, and we will continue to tell all of our friends and family what a great experience we had."