"What just might be the best commercial rafting company in North America. The trips are spectacular beyond description, the guides are the best of the best, the food is incomparable, and the customers are treated like royalty."
  To all our past and present guests - Thank You!  At the end of every year we sift through the emails and the photos from all of you and it never fails to give us goose bumps, it never fails to make us happy (and a little sad), and it never fails to remind us of the power and beauty of our wild places and, even more importantly, of the unique and remarkable people we are lucky enough to spend time with on the river every season. So, with your continued support, wonderful personalities, and adventurous spirits we will continue to keep and attract the best guides anywhere. We will continue to reshape the way river travel is run and to work towards setting the standard in trip quality and environmental responsibility. And we will continue to run rivers and add adventures that are the best in their class and that are off the beaten path. To all past and present guests a huge - "THANK YOU!" For those who have not been on a rafting trip with us below are some highlights and then a rolling list of testimonials as they come in from our guests. You can also check out TripAdvisor.com and Yelp.com for even more. Enjoy!

  • "It was a lot of fun and you were excellent guides. We all felt safe and relaxed and well cared for. Peter and I agreed it was the best organised river trip we have ever been on and Peter especially has been on a lot. Please do pass our thanks on to Pete and Johnny too. Yes, we would love to come down the Rogue with you next summer. We will be in touch closer to the time!"
  • "I was not sure how I would feel about an all day river rafting Class 4 rapids trip having very little experience rafting and being generally risk adverse! However, this was a wonderful experience for me, as well as my husband and 13 and 17 yo children. Our guide, Anthony, inspired absolute confidence and skillfully negotiated the rapids. The trip was beautiful and fun and jumping into the river and swimming at the end of the trip was also a highlight."
  • "I wanted to take a moment to complement you on your company and crew. I took a quick trip down the Upper Klamath last Friday, July 3rd. I checked out your website which was definitely one of the best outfitter sites I've ever seen. I haven't been out on the water as much as I'd like and jumped at the chance to do so. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Eric was my guide for the day and as I'm sure you know his service is second to none. While I can't speak for the rest of the people that day, I can say that he made the experience that much more enjoyable. His knowledge of the area and his craft was nothing short of amazing. While I was with Eric most of the day, Adam, Jon E, and Derek where also equally as awesome; I had the opportunity to pick all of their brains at one point or another during the day. I grew up on the rivers of Montana and used the opportunity with your world class crew to sharpen my knowledge on the rivers of Oregon. Don't worry, I wont be starting an outfitting business anytime soon, I know I wouldn't be able to compete with the business you've started and fostered into a truly great business that has a solid future no matter the economic outlook. Thank you again for providing such a great service. Here at Nike one of the principles we live by is "There is No Finish Line". I employ you to adopt the same mentality. You have a truly great business and will only benefit to continue building upon it. -ACS "
  • "Thank YOU, Erik! You helped to make our day trip one that we'll all remember for the rest of our lives! We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the area and the power of the water---and had the most magnificent time running the rapids!!! Thank you again for all your hard work!!! We will gladly recommend you and the company for anyone who asks!!! Mahalo and Aloha!!!!"
  • "A big thank you to the staff at Momentum for such a fun trip down the Upper Klamath yesterday! I can't think of a better way to have spent my birthday. :) Chad was our raft guide, and both Mike and I were impressed with his knowledge of the area. Discussing Captain Jack and the Modoc War was refreshing, although I was unclear on some details, forgetting several points. Chad knew the basics, but upon arriving home I couldn't help but do some googling and refresh my history. Please pass the following on to him as well so we can ALL get our facts right for future reference. Thanks so much! :) Once again, thanks Chad for such a fun afternoon! :)"
  • "Jeff, thanks again for your fine boatmanship! Excellent job! We had a great time on the trip and will definitely recommend Momentum, the trip and you as captain to others. We have completed our slow re entry back to Alaska and the reality of working 8-5 in an office. Been out on few trail runs, Harley Rides and Mt bike rides but we have not surpassed the Klamath rafting adventure this year. -Todd"
  • "This was my 5th white water experience and by far the best. The rapids were big but the guide (Anthony) did a great job making us feel comfortable with them. I would love to book another trip with them!"
  • "This was a great day trip, exhilarating and more Rapids then we've ever had on a trip. Our guide Tyler was the best- fun, knowledgable on the area and a great raft guide. I'd highly recommend this trip to anyone."
  • "Eric, Your knowledge and skill on the river was inspiring. The trip wouldn't been the same without you. With any luck we'll do another trip. -Jack"
  • "Thank you for the amazing day down the Upper Klamath!! The scenery was beautiful, the animals were a treat, the rapids were exhilarating, the food was fabulous, and you were an amazing guide!! I felt completely safe with you as our guide. I would definitely take another Momentum trip again. -Terri "
  • "Thank you so much for your email ! I had a blast and will certainly be back the next time I visit ! -Maritza"
  • "This is a top-notch rafting company. Can't recommend them highly enough. Amazing attention to detail, fun but safe, guides are AMAZING. And the food rocks too."
  • "Tyler, Thanks for running the UK with our crew of friends. We all had a tremendous time and look forward to doing a multi-day adventure next spring/summer."
  • "Hi Alan, We had the best time ever! Thank YOU for making our passage safe and thoroughly enjoyable by all of us. We have been talking up Momentum and the Upper Klamath to everyone we know since last Sunday's epic day. -Ken "
  • "Three members of my family (two adults, one teenager) had a fabulous trip under the able and delightful guidance of Simon. He was brilliant at getting the 7 of us on the raft to negotiate exciting rapids as a paddling team. And we had thrills without spills thanks to his own hard work. The lunch on the riverbank was excellent and the whole day was well arranged from beginning to end. We will do this trip again"
  • "Hi Pete- We had an amazing time, and next time I am up there this year I will definitely do another trip with you. -Becca "
  • "We had a great time. Lot's of good memories and stories to tell. Can't say enough about your extra effort to make it a real adventure. Thank you for a job well done. My kids and I have already been discussing another rafting trip with you. -Hank"
  • "I truly loved the rafting experience on May 18th with my three friends. Never having rafted in swift water before, I was a little concerned but soon got over any feeling of trepidation with Anthony’s guidance and steady hand. Ten minutes on the river and my thought was that is going to be really FUN. Even though it was a little chilly, the over all experience was fantastic. Anthony and Tyler - you were both great to us - very patient while instilling confidence and a sense of fun. Who could have asked for better guys to take four “60 something” gals to the river. Very careful and thoughtful while being fun and funny :-) I really had a great time. My current plan is to get out there and do it again very soon. Thanks again for a great first time rafting experience!"
  • "My family of 6 (ages 20 to 55) had an amazing 1 day expedition on the Klamath River with Momentum River Expeditions and our guide, Arden. The day started with a winding ride from Ashland to the put in location, where we had a delicious continental breakfast (more than continental really). Wet suits, splash jackets, life vests and helmets were included, so we got dressed in our warm under layers and the rest of the gear and got loaded up. The first several miles of the 17 mile trek was warm up and practice time to get whipped into shape as a rowing team, then the next 7 miles were class 3 and 4 rapids. Tons of fun. The we stopped for an amazing lunch, which was included. After lunch we tackled more awesome rapids and finished up at the take out. Our guide, Arden was fabulous. She knew the river like the back of her hand, and shared cool stories about caves and homes and history along the river. We saw turtles, deer and even 2 ducks riding the rapids with us. Our driver Alan was also wonderful and very informative. It was a great day and one of the highlights of our trip. I highly recommend the Upper Klamath, Momentum, and Arden."
  • "Hey Alan! Thanks for the great experience and thanks for being such a solid guide. I live down here in Sacramento and plan on trying out a trip on the American River soon. It probably won't be as nice as the Upper Klamath, so I'll just have to make do. We will see you next year if all goes as planned. Have a great Summer. "