Owyhee River Rafting

The Wild Owyhee - Grand Canyon Of Oregon

The Wild and Scenic Owyhee River is described in many ways; Grand Canyon of Oregon, the loneliest river in the U.S., bizarrely beautiful, and more. These descriptions are usually delivered with a reverence reserved for places that are always on the “must do list” but rarely actually done. Located in the remote southeast corner of the state, the Owyhee River is almost unmatched in its remoteness and desert beauty. The river travels through magnificent desert canyons with walls towering over a thousand feet overhead and is home to a wide array of wildlife and birds. The area is rich in cultural history with Native American petroglyphs up to 9,000 years old and abandoned ranches from a far more recent time. The Owyhee’s canyon is also home to beautiful side hikes, big sandy beaches, and riverside hot springs (oh yeah!).


Owyhee Trip Options

We offer the class IV-V Middle, the class III Lower Owyhee, and our Lower Inflatable Kayaking Expeditions. Both rafting trips run April through early June and may be combined to create a longer trip. The inflatable Kayaking trip is run in June and Early July. Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like help deciding which trip is best suited for your group.