Clear Creak Kayaking

A stretch of river that is rarely seen (or even heard of!)

Clear Creak Kayaking

  • Length:
    3 days
  • When to go:
    Mid May - Mid June
  • Who it’s for:
    For those looking for excitement, and a unique river experience. Min age 14
  • Gateway Area:
    Northern CA / Ashland, Or
  • Meeting Location:
    Happy Camp, California



  • A small company committed to amazing trips & our wild places
  • Safety: All our guides have a minumum 8 years of experience leading trips around the world.
  • Excellent meals featuring local and organic produce & products
  • All inclusive - all camping gear included if needed (ultra-comfortable 3” sleeping pads).
  • Most importantly - we are friendly, we love what we do, and it shows!
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Clear Creek Inflatable Kayaking trips

Clear Creek is like no other stretch of river in the country and this is one of the most unique trips we offer. We start our trip on a spectacularly beautiful, remote, and extremely rarely run tributary of the Klamath - it is very narrow with high canyon walls and the water is as clear and clean as its name implies. It is truly a magical place that you have to see to believe.

Once we meet the Klamath we continue down stream and enjoy the Klamath River at higher spring flows. The trip offers perfect rapids for Inflatable Kayaking, spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful side hikes, and a chance to run a stretch of river that is rarely seen (or even heard of).

While you do need to be in reasonable physical conditions you do not need to have any previous rafting or kayaking experience. Our Inflatable Kayaking Trips start with a dry land session where you learn basic river hydrology, how to read rapids, and basic paddle skills. We then have some on river practice and soon begin making our way down river. Our trips are raft supported and an instructor is always close by to help you pick your lines, give you tips, and of course, if needed, to fish you out of the water.

Clear Creek has a very short window of time where there are run-able flows. We generally run one to two trips a year in late May and Early June. It is a classic Momentum spring trip. Remote, very rarely run, with the kind of challenging logistics that we relish! We truly love showing people this place.

Trip Pricing

3 Day Trips: $725

Clear Creek Trips Include:
  • All river equipment.
  • All camping gear (including ultra-comfortable 3" sleeping pads) if needed.
  • Return ransportation or vehicle shuttle back to Happy Camp, CA.
  • Gourmet 3 course meals featuring local and organic produce & products. Find out more >>
  • World-Class guides with a minimum 8 years experience leading trips around the globe. Find out more >>
  • A chance to run a river that is rarely seen or even heard of - Clear Creek is like no other stretch of river in the country.

10% off for groups of 10+ people.

(Note: Please add a 3% government use fee and $.75 / person for Carbon Offsetting.
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Trip Dates

Please note:
- Other dates are available, just give us a call.
- We can offer this trip on a private charter basis to your group.

  • Fri 5/13/2016 - PRIVATE Clear Creek / Lower Klamath IK Trip - 3 days
  • Fri 5/20/2016 - Clear Creek / Lower Klamath IK Trip - 3 days
  • Fri 5/27/2016 - Clear Creek / Lower Klamath IK Trip - 3 days


We are proud to operate under Special Use Permits granted to us by the Oregon Marine Board, the Bureau of Land Management - Klamath Falls Resource Area, Medford Oregon Resource Area, and the Vale District - and The U.S. Forest Service - Ashland Oregon Ranger District, Happy Camp Ranger District, and Idaho's Salmon-Challis National Forest. We are an equal opportunity recreation service provider. All trips operate on a non-discriminatory basis.