Upper Klamath Rafting and Multi-Sport Safari 2-day + UK Hat + 15% Off





Our Upper Klamath Rafting and Multi-Sport Safari 2-day (or 3-day!) = big summer flows down rapids that are over a football field long, an ultra-comfortable ‘safari style’ backcountry camp (think glamping), and options for mountain biking, running, inflatable kayaking, and fly fishing.

The next group of 10 or more that signs up gets 15% off and… we have an extra locally designed UK staff hat for the group leader.

The hat looks like this:

Getting a group together is easy! We hold as many spots as you think you might fill for 10 days or so. Then we send you a link and trip info and people can join the group online or by phone. This means you don’t have to deal with collecting money, and it gives people a deadline. At the end of the 10 days we see where we are at and decide if you want to hold the spaces a little longer and invite others.

Check out the trip:
for the next group 15% off for all and the hat for the organizer >>



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