The Fire on The Rogue – Info and Photos

The Fire on The Rogue – Info and photos


 Arial View of Rogue Fire


We have been getting many calls and emails about the fire on the Rogue.  The Wild and Scenic section is currently closed and it has definitely been a very difficult time for us, our guests with scheduled trips, other outfitters, and businesses in the area.

The fire crews are doing an amazing job and we are so thankful for their work. Our guides and other outfitters have been helping transport fire crews and gear into the canyon.  We are so happy to be helping and will continue to help in any way that can.

We want to make sure people know that the Rogue is not “burning down.”  Fire is a really important part of river corridors in the west and forests in general.  Many trees need the help of fire to have their seeds germinate and to clear out undergrowth and smaller trees that compete for water and nutrients.

The fire that is occurring on the Rogue is a very healthy fire – it is mostly burning the undergrowth, small trees, and occasional older trees. The term is a “creeping fire” – it is nothing like the raging pictures you see on TV of some fires.  This will make for a healthier forest for the old growth trees and the wild flowers in the burn area will be crazy for the next couple of years (the bears will also love the new plants that will pop up all over the place). So, no matter what, the Rogue will survive and flourish and continue to be one of the most amazing wilderness trips in the country!

The fire is only affecting the upper part of the river.  The rest of the river is unaffected by fire and smoke and we are working on getting it open as soon as possible.  The timing of the fire has just been bad and difficult for both us as a business and our guests.  We are so very sorry that this is affecting vacations.

For those of you on trips later this year we will have more information very soon and we will always have other options if the river does not re-open.  As mentioned the fire is only affecting the upper portion of the river and we hope to have the river opened soon.  There is also rain in the forecast – we are hopeful that materializes.

For those of you scheduled for a trip next year the canyon is going to be so cool to see!

Below are some pictures of the river and fire – enjoy:
You can see a full slideshow here:

Floating the Fire crew down to their camps


Unloading Fire Gear at Black Bar Lodge

Floating Fire Fighters through part of the burning section

Floating Fire Fighters through a burning section

Some Active Fire

Guides Below the Fire – Clay Hill Lodge

Canyon Below the Fire

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